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"The Shameful One"

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We all know how they spread. Or saved, bearing interest.

Intrigue, shadowy, a possession laden with trust,

surrounded with security.

Perhaps best avoided.

And yet, romantic and mysterious.


Inspiration in a can.

We call this the Rhino Roost. It is a small abode with big aspiration.IMG_1243

Enter Window Buck no. 1

Rob, Shawn and Caleb manhandle a window opening into the container
Lucas stops by to make sure everyone still has ten fingers.IMG_1266IMG_1507

Cutting windows

I am very proud of the metal I cut out of the container. Sore muscles to show for the effort. Plus I ground all the paint off of the openings. They made me do it.IMG_1261DSC_0040

Viola, Sam has been adequately protected from himself.


Shipping Container Progress

Rob and Lucas standing around trying to figure out how to reduce the probability  that I will either light myself on fire or go blind.DSC_0031

A painting enters the world

Excitement and hoopla, happen at the “Scene of the Crash”IMG_1288

I Blog Therefore I Post

I think some one once said that?

Tonight I want to write poem, but i am not a poet so if i might beg, don’t be to hard on me.

Two souls connect through orange.

Life is full of insignificant detail,

But connections are made. Fibers build.

And somewhere there is crackling. Like energy in the line.

No prediction can be made.

and yet.

Like a boulder atop a hill, there is latent power.

Heres to friendship.


Time to perk.

Now that the image has been restored it is time to let it sit for a little while collecting finishing touches. For our purposes here, we are done. The final painting is 3 feet x 5 feet.

over and out.DSC_0029

Beginnings of a restoration

This painting is starting to get to the point of real inspiration. I hold on to an idea which I call the fabric of imperfection. The fabric of Imperfection holds that something is truly more beautiful for the imperfections bestowed upon it.

Layers of information, one upon the other eventually creating a synergy  which defies explanation.Strummer

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