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Musical Feast

sam_austin_art_inventory IMG_0356

Four Opinions

sam_austin_art_inventory IMG_0284

Quiet Riot

sam_austin_art_inventory IMG_0239

No Bull

sam_austin_art_inventory IMG_0367

The Final Act

sam_austin_art_inventory IMG_0243




sam_austin_art_inventory IMG_0274

Let it Bee

This painting of a bear turning into Honeycomb is unique in the Studio. I have never fixed a watercolor with wax before. One of my good friends suggested it as a way to fix and supercharge a watercolor. I had this beeswax on hand which I had helped harvest with my bee keeping mentor Delchi. I left thick wax at the bottom of the painting for context and texture. I love that it smells like honey.


Range Rover

This painting of a Buffalo standing in front of a field of wind generators borders on a bit of a new direction for me. More sparse. The first shows development of under color. Second is the final painting. It is about 15 layers.

These were two of the paintings on exhibit for the Storm Large Concert.

IMG_3650 IMG_3045

Wrapping up the year

Well, The year sure goes by fast. And I always feel a little guilty about my very random blogging. But as you know if you follow this, I don’t always have something to say. This year yielded many fun moments. Three Mash up events with the Colorado Music Festivle. A highlight for me was getting to meet Storm Large. Beautiful and tallented singer. ┬áMe left, Storm and my good friend Phil.


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