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Behold Seeker

Well, I am working in the studio (like usual), meaning all the time. And some friends stop by. Jacob and Cyntha. I say friends. And it is true. Though we don’t know each other that well, We both love art and can enjoy discussing literature. Anyway, they were having a dreamy evening and their dreamy state got extended to me by luck of the draw. As the evening would go we got a chance to discuss this painting. One of my favorites in the studio. It is a furtherance of a previous sketch, that I just blogged about.

Some ideas just can’t be shaken. For me it is the belief that our senses aren’t giving us the full story.Eyes Ears Taste Sound They are good. But stuff seems missing. Ghosts, That feeling of dread, Suspicion.. Superstition. You know, the things we talk about when we are kids (when we are in tune).

Blind Frankenstein, searching, feeling his way through the impossible.



Behold is the sketch or exploration for “Behold Seeker (next post). I ┬áhave this idea that our perception is really inaccurate. We base most of our decisions on poor intel. So here you have Blind Frankenstein receiving radio and making an effort to feel beneath the surface.




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