La Verguensa

"The Shameful One"

Nuts and Bolts.

 These watercolor paintings are process orientated. I like to loose myself in painting and to see evidence of each stage in the final painting. Transparent watercolor is ideal for that. No fussing. The paper is often left stapled to the board on which it was painted.

Chemical Outburst

My goal is to produce and deliver a work of art that is true and authentic to the creative process. No erasing, no dressing up. The  process and technique is inspired by the ancient cliff paintings and petroglyphs found around the region where I live and grew up. I routinely hike and camp around these works and find their directness and frugality magical. Finding them and being around them is steeped in mystery. These cliff drawings engender an unspeakable connection. I hope to make that same connection with you by leaving something of myself on each board. Tracks.

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