La Verguensa

"The Shameful One"

Artist Statement

I see painting  as way to comment on beauty.  Beauty is reflected in honesty, humility, respect, and frugality. My painting is an effort to reveal these principles.

Through a process of creation/destruction/experimentation, back and forth I work on the paper. Gradually, I tease out the image. Nothing is predetermined. I use a very limited palette of watercolor pigment, gesso, and ballpoint pen. I try to think of these materials in a very basic way. I have paper. I have pigment. And I have an emotional reaction to the subject matter. I try to work directly on the paper surface without field sketching or erasing. My goal is to preserve the freshness of the painting and reveal my beliefs about beauty by using the materials and treating the surface in in these ways.

Subject matter usually has to do with my own personal experience or interest. First I loosely sketch my subject on to the paper, then proceed to embellish and destroy the composition, until the soul of the work is revealed.


sam_austin_art_inventory IMG_0359

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