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Splatter Painting


Here is a painting about colon cancer. I know when you look at it you will wonder what in the heck is Sam talking about? I will explain in brevity. Cancer is a condition that produces intense emotion. The person affected is plunged into a life and death battle. All the while loving friends and family are reduced to sideline players. But love does get through. That is why this painting is called the Tempest. Above the water a storm rages. Beneath is calm. But a connection exists. We are all caring a burden.

Let kindness prevail

Culture Clash


I thought it might be interesting for some of my readers to see a painting in motion so here it is. One of my friends is a music freak. and a fan of art. He went to see the Clash when he was a teenager, and ended up hanging out with the band after the concert. They signed his t-shirt.

Wow! the Clash, can you imagine. He gave me the shirt and inquired whether I might make something out of it- Fuck yes.

OK I had performance anxiety and a gestation period of about 6 months ( I love the Clash). But I am started now. So it seemed like a perfect time to check in and share a painting adventure.

First I built the canvas which is multiple watercolor sheets glued to canvas roughly 3’wide by 5′-6″ tall. this is mounted on bamboo rods. I painted the back with gesso to give it some body and to protect against moisture. I also view this type of painting as an artifact. The gesso and canvas add to the substantial nature of this piece of art. When I am done it won’t be a delicate watercolor. More like a kick ass piece of canvas. Durable. Not requiring glass or protection. Art au-natural.

Then I sketched in my idea which has to do with a British Rock band challenging American (and British) world views on politics consumption and what ever. Admittedly vague. For me it is not important to know every detail to begin.

Story Time

When setting out on a long Journey, Do not consult someone who has not left home.Story Time


Now you know what this is. The Stuff that is not ink Blot is Ballpoint pen.


Juice Box

Some of you might wonder what do the painting names mean. Often I paint a work and then spend time naming it. One of my favorite games is to match the name of a bull from the Pro Rodeo circuit with a painting that has just been finished. You would be surprised how well those names fit. I really think this game is fun! The Bull names are exotic and link to my life. I have great attachment and affection for the West.  Strangely,the complete disassociation from the painting combined with careful selection of the name provide the viewer with more fuel to travel deeper into the uncharted regions of the painting and allow for reflection and appreciation to continue over time. Believe me when I say the choice of name is not random.

And that is no Bull.

Juice Box

What the Devil

Painting as memorabilia. I painted this for myself to collect Steve Hackman’s Autograph. I wanted something cool to remember this segment of my life. It is a devil fiddle with Radiohead head stock.What the Devil

Tramp Stamp

Tramp Stamp is a a commemorative painting and an homage. A gesture of friendship and admiration for my friend and Brilliant composer Steve Hackman. Steve is composing meaningful new symphonies which bridge the gap between the established and the new. He is a man of this time and someone to be watched. Use that trusty google search engine and check this dude out. If you search his website you might even discover the inspiration for this strange painting in Ballpoint pen and Gesso.
Tramp Stamp

Flower Power

Flower Power was inspired originally by my work on the Elephant Revival Mash Up Series. The first painting was called Revival: a restoration of force. Then I started becoming a little obsessive abut elephants and depicting them in ways that displayed a sense of mastery over their destiny. Which of course I would love to see as a truth in the world by sadly is not so. An Elephant hovering weightlessly over bunches of flowers seemed just the right combination of whimsey and message. I just love these giant creatures.

Flower Power

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