La Verguensa

"The Shameful One"

Culture Clash


I thought it might be interesting for some of my readers to see a painting in motion so here it is. One of my friends is a music freak. and a fan of art. He went to see the Clash when he was a teenager, and ended up hanging out with the band after the concert. They signed his t-shirt.

Wow! the Clash, can you imagine. He gave me the shirt and inquired whether I might make something out of it- Fuck yes.

OK I had performance anxiety and a gestation period of about 6 months ( I love the Clash). But I am started now. So it seemed like a perfect time to check in and share a painting adventure.

First I built the canvas which is multiple watercolor sheets glued to canvas roughly 3’wide by 5′-6″ tall. this is mounted on bamboo rods. I painted the back with gesso to give it some body and to protect against moisture. I also view this type of painting as an artifact. The gesso and canvas add to the substantial nature of this piece of art. When I am done it won’t be a delicate watercolor. More like a kick ass piece of canvas. Durable. Not requiring glass or protection. Art au-natural.

Then I sketched in my idea which has to do with a British Rock band challenging American (and British) world views on politics consumption and what ever. Admittedly vague. For me it is not important to know every detail to begin.

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