La Verguensa

"The Shameful One"

Fabric of Imperfection

One thing I try to follow is not to get too attached to the painting as I go along. With that in mind, I add some color. Not gently or with care. ADD THE COLOR. It might not be right. Ok. Add it anyway. I want the work to have a lot of orange in it. I love orange. It is the best! So I add base colors that I think go well and Complement Orange ( in the end). At this stage I take some risks. I don’t know what might happen, but potential destruction of the piece is not unheard of. You can see at the bottom I added some random strands of PVA glue. I think this serves the function of making sure my brain does not try to predetermine the outcome and try to predict beauty. Fact is I am not sure I like it.Take two

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