La Verguensa

"The Shameful One"

Take Three

Ok A variety of things have taken place here. Partly because I did not take an intermediary photograph. First I abused the painting surface by splashing diluted gesso all over it. Some things got obscured. (you can see it splashed all over the t-shirt) I feel like this is an important step in the production of one of my paintings. It serves a number of functions. One it prevents attachment. Also it can highlight opportunity which can sometimes present its self because of random intervention. I find that random spatter mimics nature. In nature there is an infinite variety of overlay. This patina fascinates me. I seek it out in Art and Architecture.

Next I deepen the color and begin an experimentation on some exposed canvas which was part of the original prep of the painting surface. When I first made the surface I did not have an agenda for the canvas. It was just part of the composition. But I knew from experience that it might add to future opportunities. Bingo. It provides a foundation for the insertion of a composition of flags which is in keeping with my original idea. The British flag resembles the American flag in stripes and color but then there is some branching. Frankly, I find myself wondering why they are so similar, given that at the time our flag was developed we were not on the best terms with the Brits. I think it is an example of bad graphic fore sight.


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