La Verguensa

"The Shameful One"

Splatter Painting


Here is a painting about colon cancer. I know when you look at it you will wonder what in the heck is Sam talking about? I will explain in brevity. Cancer is a condition that produces intense emotion. The person affected is plunged into a life and death battle. All the while loving friends and family are reduced to sideline players. But love does get through. That is why this painting is called the Tempest. Above the water a storm rages. Beneath is calm. But a connection exists. We are all caring a burden.

Let kindness prevail

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2 thoughts on “Splatter Painting

  1. I wish you well and peace in your heart.

  2. Hi Sam, I would like to use your beautiful image in a medical education program for doctors on the topic of colorectal cancer. I would like to offer an honorarium to you of $200 for permission to use your work. Please reply at your earliest convenience, and Google Art in CME to see more about what I do. Thank you! Leslie Sharp 609-458-9268

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