La Verguensa

"The Shameful One"

Pencil 1 at the Botanic Gardens.

Last weekend I took a class which taught me how to draw a leaf and a flower. Thank you Karla Beatty for your gentle yet precise criticism.  That is a real skill. Taking the class was an experiment for me. I left with energy to know more.

I can see that there is an unlimited amount to know and direct applications to Architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright wrote about this, of course. But there is an ocean of difference  between reading about one persons distillation of an experience- and experiencing it first hand for yourself. The class had a sense of community. I love seeing other students work and learning that way. At the Botanic Gardens you get the sense that art, culture and creativity have value. It was also just wonderful to hang out in the garden at lunch and breathe. Below is a sketch of an iris:

A value study:

and the start of a finished drawing:

Thanks again Karla. Much to chew on.

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One thought on “Pencil 1 at the Botanic Gardens.

  1. asmalltowndad on said:

    I find it motivating plein air with other artist, it’s motivating and gets the creativity and respect for other artist flowing. Wonderful sketch of an iris!

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