La Verguensa

"The Shameful One"

La Verguensa?

La Verguensa means the “Shameful One”. I first heard the term used in Spain. I was living there with my father. The term was used to refer to the lonely piece of food, which all refuse to eat.  Left on the serving plate, as every passerby breaks yet another half of of the last tasty cookie. All that remains is the ever shrinking shameful one, la vergenza. It has become a phrase used lovelingly and with humor to describe a multitude of things and situations in our family.

I liked that concept for this blog. When I think of the shameful one, it is kind of a paradox. It is the piece that remains unchosen and yet remaining can be a good thing.

We all have those thoughts that stick like a burr to your sock. Those thoughts relate to painting and architecture.

So if you like images and a few words you might enjoy this bit-o-mumbbling from the shameful one.

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