La Verguensa

"The Shameful One"


palimpsest is a manuscript page from a scroll or book from which the text has been scraped off and which can be used again.

Georgian Palimpsest (top) and a design Development Drawing

This concept is used in the discussion of architecture, where layers of different ages can be seen in the same building.

I have adopted this concept when designing both buildings and paintings. Typically I do not use and eraser, but continue to draw darker. This helps develop an overlapping of shapes and meaning which become more and more interrelated.

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2 thoughts on “Palimpsest

  1. Hi Sam, Might it be possible to use the Development Drawing image to accompany a poem about architectural palimpsests, in a video, with attribution? This would be amazing.

    • Yes Celina. I am not sure which image you are referring too. I sent you an email. Call me. And I will review my blog. Palimpsests play a big role in my work both Architectural and Painting. I will also float around your web page. Good luck. And thanks for asking for permission.

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